NAIS ACADEMY: The first webinar of NAIS Academy is about "Guarantees and Complaints"

Attention: The webinar, described below is held in Bulgarian language and is based on the Bulgarian legislation.

Dear friends, the first webinar of NAIS Academy is already a fact, which we informed you about in the publication NAIS founded NAIS Academy - a virtual school for good commercial and consumer practices.

The topic of the webinar is "Guarantees and Complaints". We chose it because warranties and complaints are one of the most common reasons for complaints from consumers and retailers are keenly interested in it. In the spirit of the mission of NAIS Academy, we will present it to you briefly and concisely, with a minimum of time, but with maximum usefulness.

You will have the opportunity to ask the questions that excite you the most on this topic and you will receive answers from the most appropriate people - our lecturers Attorney at Law Ognyan Varadinov, who consults many retailers, local and international chains, and Ignat Arsenov, director of the Market Control Division at the Consumer Protection Commission.

Read more about our speakers here.

At the webinar we will look in more detail at issues related to:

  • The legal nature of the warranty, liability for defects and the right to complain;
  • The scope and scope of the different types of contracts;
  • The grounds for the occurrence of the warranty liability;
  • The rights of the consumer and the obligations of the trader in the sale of goods and in service contracts;
  • The specifics and content of the commercial guarantee;
  • Comparison between legal and commercial guarantee.

The webinar is suitable for:

  • all traders working with end customers,
  • online store owners,
  • managers and specialists working in online stores,
  • lawyers advising traders,
  • people with interests in the field of consumer protection.

The media for the webinar is Zoom.

You will soon find out what other topics we have prepared for our webinars. Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn to be among the first to learn about them and sign up at a discount.

Of course, NAIS continues to be available to all of you with its online platform for resolving disputes between consumers and traders.

If you are a Bulgarian company and you want your users to seek dialogue with you first, when they are dissatisfied and not in a hurry to file a lawsuit or file complaints with government agencies, read the conditions for membership in NAIS or register here.

If you are a non-Bulgarian trader and you wish to solve a problem with a Bulgarian customer, register in the ODR platform and advise your customer to file a complaint there, then choose NAIS as your local ADR provider.

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