Trade Leaders’ Guide: NAIS Tips on Consumer Complaints - Part 6

In the first part of this series of tips from NAIS to retailers on consumer complaints, we clarified the need for a well-described complaint procedure on your website.

In the second part, we continued with explaining the necessity the company to diversify the complaints filing channels for their customers.

In the third, we emphasized the need to negotiate directly with the complainants in order to seek a solution to the dispute with them.

In the fourth we clarified which are the ADR bodies available in Bulgaria, so that you can choose which of them to partner with in case of escalation of a dispute with a complainant.

In the fifth part we tell what the complaint path is in our own electronic platform for resolving disputes

In this last part we tell you how to proceed in the online platform for resolving consumer disputes of the European Union, in which NAIS Center also deals with cases.

Tip 4: Choose your ADR bodies to partner with - continued


The complaint path in the ODR platform of the EU

In the EU online platform, once a complaint has been sibmitted, the system informs the trader electronically. The latter selects a body to deal with the dispute. The list of options for Bulgaria includes the conciliation commissions of the CPC and NAIS. Once the company has chosen an authority, the complainant must agree with it or propose another authority. The difference with the NAIS online platform is that there is no common chat screen, but there is a possibility to schedule virtual or face-to-face meetings. Also, there is an option for NAIS to offer you to consider the case in its own online platform, if it deems it more convenient for all parties.

You can read more about the mechanism for filing complaints through the NAIS ADR Center on the website, and in the News you will find interesting information in our section "Guide for Trade Leaders".

Follow the next publications from this series, dedicated to the best practices in dealing with complaints, from the section "Trade Leaders' Guide" on the NEWS page of, as well as in the profiles of NAIS on Facebook and LinkedIn. In the next publication we will look at the problems related to technical systems, process management and the delegation of rights and responsibilities, or in short, problems related to the internal organization.

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