In the online Centre for ADR- NAIS the resolution of a consumer dispute can be done in two ways:

  • Through direct negotiations between the consumer and the trader
  • Through mediation, with the participation of a third independent, impartial and neutral person-mediator

The service is completely free for consumers.

Both procedures are performed online, in the NAIS platform, through messages on in shared screen, conveniently, from anywhere in the country, at any time. Consumers and traders receive notifications at the e-mail address they submitted when registering about new developments in the negotiations between them on the online platform.




Only Bulgarian traders and consumers can be registered in NAIS online platform. Non-Bulgarian traders and consumers can address NAIS for dispute resolution through the ODR platform of the European Union.

Bulgarian consumers, who are dissatisfied with the service of a trader, can file complaints in the NAIS ADR Centre, with the following requirements:

  • The goods or services, subject of the complaint, to be at a value no less than BGN 50;
  • The user has reached 18 years of age;
  • The user is registered in the NAIS platform.

The already registered consumer submits a complaint by pressing the SUBMIT COMPLAINT button and fills in the necessary information on the screen. He/She must write exactly the e-mail address and the name of the company to which the complaint is, because the system automatically forwards it to the trader. If the latter is already registered in the NAIS platform and the complainant spells his name correctly, the system will display it in a drop-down menu for selection.

With correctly written data of the trader, the system forwards the complaint to him, to the e-mail address specified by the consumer.

The trader receives an e-mail in which he sees that the consumer has filed a complaint against him. To see the content of the complaint, the company must be:

  • Registered in the NAIS platform, by itself or the user,
  • Associate member of NAIS,
  • Has paid a membership fee and
  • Has purchased credits for direct negotiations or mediation.


Upon acceptance of the complaint by the trader, direct negotiations or mediation between the two parties may be initiated on the complaint.