What is NAIS?


NAIS is a National Association for Out-of-Court Settlements. We have created the most modern and first of its kind in Bulgaria, entirely online based centre for resolving disputes between consumers and traders.


Who is behind this project?


NAIS is a non-profit association for private benefit, established by the Bulgarian National Association of Active Consumers (BNAAP), the Association for Responsible Non-Bank Crediting (AONK) and the Professional Association of Mediators in Bulgaria (PAMB).

The three associations have set themselves the goal of uniting all trade companies and organizations in Bulgaria, which believe that competitiveness in modern market conditions requires active work not only with loyal but also with dissatisfied customers.

That is why they created an online centre for alternative dispute (ADR) resolution. NAIS ADR Centre enables direct negotiations and mediation, in order to seek a mutually satisfactory agreement between traders and their dissatisfied customers.


The guiding principle in NAIS Statute is the observance of equality between consumers and traders and guaranteeing the independence of NAIS ADR Centre.

In addition to the three organizations, this project is backed by a team of mediators selected according to specially developed criteria to assist in the best way the search for a mutually beneficial agreement between the disputing parties when they seek their assistance.