What is NAIS ADR Centre?


It is an online-based Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) between consumers and commercial companies, established by the National Association for Out-of-Court Settlements (NAIS).

The NAIS ADR Centre provides an opportunity for both direct negotiations and alternative dispute resolution between the parties, with the help of a mediator, in order to seek a mutually satisfactory agreement.

NAIS ADR Centre is the first of its kind in Bulgaria, an online centre based on the latest technologies, accessible from anywhere in the country.

The NAIS ADR Centre is included in the list of ADR bodies recognized by the Ministry of Economy between consumers and traders on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, as well as in the list of local dispute resolution bodies of all EU member states. The NAIS ADR Centre also offers its services through the EU's online consumer dispute resolution platform, called ODR for short.


Why  ADR?


ADR means alternative dispute resolution, i.e. the dispute is resolved out of court. ADR is the most modern, effective and efficient way to resolve a dispute between a commercial company and a dissatisfied consumer.

NAIS offers the latest generation, web-based Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), which is done entirely online without requiring the physical presence of the parties. Communication is easy and convenient, at a time when it is possible for each of the participants through messages in the form of a chat in a shared screen and e-mail notifications.

How does NAIS ADR Centre help consumers and commercial companies?


NAIS ADR  Centre allows users when they are not satisfied with the service / product of a company to file a complaint with us and seek an opportunity to find a mutually beneficial solution, through direct negotiations in our online platform, in the form of chat. In the event that the two parties fail to reach an agreement, either party may request a mediation procedure, directly in the chat of the direct negotiations, in which a third, neutral and impartial person, a mediator, assists the parties in reaching a mutually acceptable agreement.

The services of the NAIS ADR Centre are completely free for consumers and are paid by the traders. See how this works here.

When the complainant and the trader have already negotiated through the trader's communication channel and have not reached an agreement, the complainant may turn to the NAIS ADR Centre for settlement of the dispute, referring to the complaint already submitted to the trader. Thus, both parties can, from the very beginning, after filing the complaint with the NAIS, proceed directly to mediation.

NAIS recommends that consumers and traders negotiate directly and only if they cannot agree to  seek mediation. We have made this easy and fast directly on the complaint screen.