A new rubric: Mediator’s Diary

Our new column, “Mediator’s Diary”, is dedicated to the intricacies of the mediator profession.

In it we will tell about the challenges that mediators face in order to create a ground of understanding between two conflicted people who are often hostile to each other in order to make them find mutually beneficial agreement in their dispute. The ideal way out of the mediation procedure is for both parties to understand and preserve their relations. For them it remains hidden what it costs to the person who assists them in the negotiations and what qualities it should possess in order to help them calm their emotions, to be realistic in their demands, to encourage them to participate actively, openly and fruitfully in the dispute. A good mediator manages to achieve all this without giving opinions, suggestions for decisions or consultations, without taking sides, without succumbing to personal beliefs or emotions, in the shortest time, so that the disputers do not lose patience and be as effective as possible.

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Published on 05.03.2020 Back to news