Consumer’s Reader: How to register a complainant in the online platform for solving consumer disputes of ADR Center

If you are a Bulgarian consumer and want to file a complaint against a Bulgarian trader, with the idea of ​​holding negotiations with him, you can do so on the online platform of the NAIS ADR Center-

NAIS created this platform specifically for such purposes. In it, you can fast and easily register, file a complaint, and if the trader accepts to participate in resolving the dispute, you have the opportunity, conveniently and easily, in the form of a chat to agree with him.

If the negotiations do not result in an agreement, they can proceed to Online Dispute Resolution (ODR), with the help of a third party independent, neutral and impartial, called mediator, quickly and easily by pressing the START MEDIATION button from any of the parties.

It all starts with registering an account on the platform. You can learn how this is done from the video on our YouTube channel.

If you are a citizen of EU but not residing in Bulgaria, you can use the ODR platform of EU to file a complaint against a trader-

You can read more about the mechanism for submitting complaints through NAIS ADR Center on the website, and in News you will find interesting information in our section "Consumer’s Reader".

If you want to file a complaint against a trader, you can do so on, having previously registered in it. For non-Bulgarian citizens the complaint must be submitted in the ODR platform of the European Union.


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Published on 15.08.2022 Back to news