Consumer’s Reader: Internet Safety

In the section "Consumer’s Reader" we offer you several educational videos dedicated to informed consumer choice. This time the material is about Internet Safety.

The internet has many uses and great potential for abuse.

Products from all over the world, delivered to our door in a few clicks - that's the advantage of online shopping. The internet has many uses and great potential for abuse. You need be on high alert when shopping online, and aware of the rules companies need to comply with. 

Tip and tricks on how to stay safe online

  • Consider shopping elsewhere if traders do not provide their identity and contact details.
  • Avoid falling into a trap and be aware of pressure selling techniques such as:
  • products advertised as a “unique opportunity”
  • claims that a product is the “only product offering effective protection”, the “only testing kit for home use” or sold at “the lowest price on the market”;
  • scarcity claims such as “only available today” or “sell out fast”.
  • Read web addresses and page titles carefully, and avoid using pages with systematic misspellings. These are frequently used to avoid detection by website operators’ algorithms.
  • Check if the products have precise and understandable text descriptions.  
  • Report unsupported or dubious offers. Use the reporting tools provided by the platform operator or contact the competent national authorities or consumer organisations in your country.
  • Make sure you know your consumer rights.


The video aims to empower citizens to become better informed consumers and to stay safe online.

Click on the image to start it. You can choose English subtitles on it or follow the link for a video in English. Watching time: 1:03 min.

Educational video on Internet Safety produced on behalf of the European Commission (Directorate General for Justice and Consumers).


Stay safe online.

Your future. Your choice.


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