Consumer’s Reader: NAIS Advice to Consumers about Filing Complaints to Traders - Part 4

In the first and second part of this series of tips for consumers on how to file complaints against traders, we considered the option to do so in the company's internal channel or external - electronic platform of ADR Center NAIS for Bulgarian citizens and for non-Bulgarian citizens.

We then talked about which bodies can help resolve the dispute with the trader.

We also described the path of the complaint specifically in the electronic platform of the Center for Alternative Consumer Dispute Resolution

We will now tell you what the complaint process is on the EU's online dispute resolution platform ODR.


The path of a complaint in the EU's online dispute resolution platform (ODR)


In the EU online platform, once a complaint has been lodged, the system informs the trader about it automatically. The latter selects an ADR body to deal with the dispute. The list of options for Bulgaria includes the conciliation commissions of the CPC and NAIS. Once the company has chosen an authority, the complainant must agree with it or propose another authority. The difference with NAIS online platform is that there is no common chat screen, but there is a possibility to schedule virtual or face-to-face meetings. Also, there is an option for NAIS to offer you to consider the case in its own online platform, if it deems it more convenient for all parties.

The great convenience of the ODR platform is that each country writes in its native tongue, and the platform automatically translates the  texts into the language of the other parties. This makes the use of the platform an invaluable tool for cross-border disputes.

You can read more about the mechanism for submitting complaints through NAIS ADR Center on the website, and in News you will find interesting information in our section "Consumer’s Reader".

If you want to file a complaint against a trader, you can do so on, having previously registered in it. For non-Bulgarian citizens the complaint must be submitted in the ODR platform of the European Union.


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