Consumer’s Reader: Your personal data is a treasure for the online business

Rubric: Consumer’s Reader

In the previous article, Unfair commercial practices online, from the Consumer Reader section, we discussed aggressive and misleading commercial practices.

We will now address the topic of personal data and its value for online business.

While using a site, you are often demanded to put in personal and other data, which turns out to be a very valuable product for the site. Personal and other data on the Internet cost money. Consumers are not always aware of how this works. Even if you have not consented to use it, your behavior may be monitored or your personal data processed otherwise.

It is good to know that companies that base their business models on monetizing personal and other data often have an interest in keeping your attention as often and as long as possible. Does that remind you of anything? Do you spend many hours on Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok or any other platform?

Longer and more frequent visits generate higher incomes for the business.

And does it strike you that while you‘re looking at photos of your friends’ trip on Facebook, suddenly on the right side of your wall, you get offers of things you’ve been browsing for recently? But how is that glass I was looking for the other day now is on sale?

Have you heard of big data? These are the bulks of behavioral data of a bunch of customers that are processed, and based on which behavior forecasts of the users can be made. And by combining data from different platforms and online stores, owned by one and the same business, it becomes even more complete for each consumer.

In one of the following articles you will find out how your big data can be used by online businesses.

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Published on 17.06.2020 Back to news