Mediator’s Diary: E-mediation as a form of ADR- advantages and challenges - we speak from personal experience - Part 3

In the first part of this series, dedicated to e-mediation, we discussed its advantages due to the fact that it is online, namely flexibility, convenience, economy. Every web-based service has these characteristics, such is the case with the electronic platform of the ADR Center NAIS- Then we talked about the advantages due to its written form - efficiency, effectiveness, creativity.

Now it is time take a stand about the values ​​of public importance that e-mediation brings.

The advantages of e-mediation: sustainable model, social responsibility


We don't like paper. On the contrary, we love it very much, we value it too much, as well as the trees, so we do not use it in our work. We want everything to happen electronically, so we shaped the whole process. There is no need to print anything. The agreement is generated automatically based on the points described by the mediator in the chat screen with the trader and the user. Either party may download it electronically and agree to it electronically. Then they can download the final version with the consent. If the parties need, they can enforce it by a notary. Also, no one has to travel to participate in e-mediation, do not start the car, do not get on public transport and do not leave  a carbon footprint. Everything is electronic.

Also, there is no tension in the participants that they have to be at a certain place and at a certain time - a small part of the daily stress is eliminated. In addition, they do not personally exchange angry remarks, as can happen in live communication, and thus the procedure is friendly to the parties’ psyche.

The advantages of e-mediation: health safety for the participants


The first version of our electronic platform dates back to 2017. In 2019, we first heard about the deadly Covid-19 virus. In 2020, all human civilization changed its habits and had to use all sorts of electronic resources to be able to continue its daily activities. More than ever, such electronic tools have become particularly important. We are glad that a few years ago we had foreseen that the possibility of conducting mediation in this way would become important and even necessary. The remote, non-present form of e-mediation is not just convenient, it protects the health of the participants. You don't have to wear masks, as you should have done lately. Thus, in video conferences, facial expressions and non-verbal reactions of the participants can be seen on the screen, which facilitates the mediator in reading the emotional status of the disputants.

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