NAIS founded NAIS Academy - a virtual school for good commercial and consumer practices

Again, we have exciting news about NAIS. In one of the most difficult years for humanity in the 21st century, in which the Covid-19 pandemic stifled life and people, it turned out that when we are forced to spend more time in isolation and at home, we indulge in self-education and self-improvement. What more convenient way to do this online, one keyboard away.

In the same year and for the same reason, e-commerce also grew sharply. Every retail store now has its own virtual alternative. These new volumes in online shopping have put new challenges to trade-consumer relations. More and more questions excite the minds of traders, more and more demanding are consumers, more and more difficult is to manage the relationship between traders and consumers.

In order to help Bulgarian traders to orient themselves faster in this dynamically changing reality, to continuously improve the quality of their service and to increase their competitiveness, we have created NAIS Academy. Through it we share the best practices of trade and consumer relations, introduce you to the legal requirements and new developments in the legal framework concerning consumer rights in Bulgaria.

All this will happen in the most convenient and easy way, with maximum benefit for our students. In the form of short half-day webinars, you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the most important on some of the most interesting topics in the field of consumer law and trade, presented in a professional way by leading experts. In these seminars you have the opportunity to personally ask questions to our trainers and get answers from them, and they are the people who can best answer you. You will soon be able to find out who they are. Follow the News section on our site, as well as our Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Our online seminars are suitable for all traders and especially for owners and employees of online stores and platforms, for marketers, lawyers and anyone interested in consumer law. We are all consumers and it is also important for us to be aware of our rights.

NAIS Academy is another way in which the National Association for Out-of-Court Settlements seeks to contribute to improving the quality of service to Bulgarian consumers, to work continuously to strengthen good relations between consumers and traders.

You will soon find out what topics we have prepared for you for our trainings. Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn to be among the first to learn about them and sign up at a discount.

Of course, NAIS continues to be available to all of you with its online platform for resolving disputes between consumers and traders.

If you are a Bulgarian company and you want your users to seek dialogue with you first, when they are dissatisfied and not in a hurry to file a lawsuit or file complaints with government agencies, read the conditions for membership in NAIS or register here.

If you are a non-Bulgarian trader and you wish to solve a problem with a Bulgarian customer, register in the ODR platform and advise your customer to file a complaint there, then choose NAIS as your local ADR provider.

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