NAIS took part in its first conference as a member of FIN-NET

Since June 2023, NAIS is a member of the European organization of consumer dispute resolution bodies in the field of financial services - Fin-Net.

On 16.11.2023, the Executive Director of NAIS, Mrs. Svilena Nasalevska took part in the plenary session of the organization.

This year, four ADR bodies joined the organization, among which was NAIS. The moderators of the forum gave each of the new participants the opportunity to present their organization to the other members.

Topics related to the redirection of cases within the organization, when the competent authority is not the one to which the complaint was filed were discussed.

A presentation from IVASS, Italy on the digital insurance purchase market outlined ways to combat fraud in it.

Representatives of OAFS, Malta discussed the issue of future value at maturity of life insurance policies.

The upcoming changes to Directive 2013/11/EU on the alternative resolution of consumer disputes were presented. Traders will be required to respond to complaints submitted  against them at alternative dispute resolution bodies such as the NAIS ADR Centre. The ADR platform will be closed and reformed into a tool to direct users to ADR authorities. It is quite possible to use a chatbot, which once again shows that artificial intelligence is gradually entering the ADR. To learn more about the future of AI in ADR, read our publication in our rubric Mediator’s diary- How Artificial Intelligence Can Serve Alternative Dispute Resolution.

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