WHAT'S NEW WITH NAIS: New associate member of NAIS – Foodpanda

From December 2020 NAIS has a new associate member - foodpanda. Who doesn't know foodpanda, who hasn't ordered from them! Most of us have already turned to their food delivery or online supermarket shopping services at least once.

In fact, foodpanda is an international platform for delivery of food and household goods, part of the global group of Delivery Hero SE. The service allows them to order food or various goods online to be delivered to your front door. foodpanda provides a huge selection of favorite restaurants and shops, convenient payment and fast delivery.

Foodpanda has trusted us not only to resolve disputes with consumers, but also to resolve disputes with their trading partners, for which they intermediate in order their products to reach the end customers, in connection with EU Directive 2019/1150.

We welcome Foodpanda in the family of NAIS members!


If you are a trader and you want to be… 

… Leader in creating new standards of customer service and application of ethical norms of a new type; 

… A leader offering a new type of added value for existing customers and strengthening trust; 

… Leader, guaranteeing ease and security for ethical relations with new clients; 

… Leader in advocacy for online retailers; 

… A leader in innovation, using the most modern way of resolving disputes, 

consider the possibility of standing side by side with other market leaders such as foodpanda.


If you are a Bulgarian company and you want your users to seek dialogue with you first, when they are dissatisfied and not in a hurry to file a lawsuit or file complaints with government agencies, read the conditions for membership in NAIS or register here.

If you are a non-Bulgarian trader and you wish to solve a problem with a Bulgarian customer, register in the ODR platform and advise your customer to file a complaint there, then choose NAIS as your local ADR provider.

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