New column in Trade Leader’s Guide

We present to you the latest column from our website, “Trade Leaders’ Guide”, in which we will share information about good practices in the relations management between traders and customers, in particular, consumers who have remained dissatisfied with the product or service of a trader.

We will tell why it is important to deal with consumer complaints and why it is necessary to seek alternative dispute resolution (ARS) when a customer and trader cannot reach an agreement on a complaint.

Traders, who guarantee their clients the opportunity to turn for help to an independent organization that will help resolve any conflict between them, provide its customers certainty that in case the deal with the company does not work out in the expected way, it can be corrected.

We aim to unite all trade companies and organizations in Bulgaria who believe that competitiveness in modern market conditions requires active work not only with loyal customers, but also with dissatisfied customers. The NAIS ADR Centre is an independent organization that enables consumers and traders to resolve their disputes with the help of a mediator, in an easy and accessible way, from anywhere in the country, at any time convenient for the participants in the procedure. 

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Published on 24.06.2020 Back to news