Novelties in NAIS during 2020


You are probably wondering why the logo of our profiles in LinkedIn and Facebook and on our website,, are different. The explanation relates to good news we want to share.

NAIS won a grant co-funded by the European Commission’s Consumer Program, in particular to support the development of alternative dispute resolution organizations. The project is run under the CHAFEA agency[1]. The funds from the grant are invested in additional developments of our online platform, redesign of the site, as well as communication of NAIS center and its activities.

It is already a fact- NAIS has a new logo.


The two intersecting stylized dialog bubbles symbolize the dialogue between a consumer and a trader. The intersection, which combines in purple the red color of one side with the blue of the other, is a symbol of common interests and understanding between them. Soon NAIS website will have a new design, a version of English and renovated pages and menus.

Novelties don't end there. In August 2020, all users will be able to submit complaints to traders not only on their own channels, but also in our online platform at They will again have the opportunity to request an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedure, but instead of submitting first the complaint to the trader and then re-submit it in our online ADR platform, they will be able to submit it in the very beginning in NAIS online platform, have direct negotiations in it with the trader and if needed make a request for an ADR procedure by pressing of a button.

The benefit of companies that do not have their own channel for complaints handling is that they will now have a convenient one, web-based and accessible from anywhere in the country and at any time, in the form of a chat dialogue in which they will be able to work on problems encountered between them and consumers. This gives them a chance to keep a customer, even when the latter is unsatisfied, to correct shortcomings in their work, to improve the quality of their products and services. When the problems are discussed openly between the two parties, unpleasant consequences as negative repercussions on the trader and his products in social networks and forums, poor PR, fines from the CPC and other institutions or court cases are prevented.

For all traders who already have an official channel for receiving complaints from their clients, the benefit is that the consumers who do not want to trust them and prefer to directly turn to a neutral, independent organization such as the CPC, court, NRA, etc. could submit their appeal to another independent organization, in which they have the chance to seek together a solution to the problem without negative consequences.

The benefit for both consumers and traders is that in case of difficulty communicating and exacerbating the dispute between them, they can request any time during the direct negotiations assistance in their negotiations from a third neutral, independent mediator. The aim of the latter is to provoke the parties to open dialogue, to quench the emotions accumulated during the dispute, to identify their common interests, to provide creative proposals for solutions to the dispute and, at best, to reach mutually beneficial agreement.

The whole process is controlled by both parties, the information entrusted is kept confidential, no one imposes opinions and decisions that would not satisfy them, both parties are equal and participate completely voluntarily in the mediation procedure. Thanks to the accessibility of the web-space platform, all participants in the dispute can participate in the virtual chat at a convenient time for them, in a convenient place for them.

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