The IKIWISI of in service of Bulgarian consumers and companies

IKIWISI is a term which manifestation every scrum master or product owner knows in detail.

In a simple language, IKIWISI means, “I know it when I see it.” 

That's how we started our online dispute resolution platform. We wanted something, but while it was in development, we realized how much we didn't know about what we wanted. 

When we received the first versions of the upgrade of platform, ready for testing, many more things were revealed to us that neither we nor our developers knew about it. Fortunately, they were very flexible and responded to all our whims, which we realized were important for Bulgarian consumers and traders who resolve their disputes with us. 

Thanks to our partners from Kipo and in particular the performance navigator Niki Marinov, who I can safely say is a scrum master, our IT dedicated developer Nasko Marinov, as well as our multifunctional CEO, Svilena Nasalevska, who among other things it also played the role of something like a product owner, and the online consumer dispute resolution platform of NAIS has finally taken on its current form. We like it very much because it is beautiful, smart, comfortable, friendly and reliable.

Our platform can be used only by Bulgarian citizens. In case you are a non-Bulgarian citizen, please submit your complain the European Union ODR platform, where NAIS solves cross-border disputes.

The new user interface for filing a complaint makes it possible to quickly and easily describe the most important details of it, as well as to add a new company with which the user would like to solve a problem. We already have the first users who trusted in this convenient way to look for a solution, as well as the first successes in this direction. 

Also, companies can now resolve disputes directly, via chat, with their clients, without having to use mediation. If, however, one of the parties wishes to use the services of a mediator, it can state its wish by pressing the START MEDIATION button.

From that moment on, everything depends on the two disputants and their mediator, and ADR platform itself, our beloved IKIWISI, is a convenient common environment in which your mediator, again in the form of a chat, helps you find a mutually beneficial solution.


If you are a non-Bulgairan consumer and you are not satisfied with the service of a company or product that you have recently bought in Bulgaira, file a complaint here. 

If you are a Bulgarian company and you want your users to seek dialogue with you first, when they are dissatisfied and not in a hurry to file a lawsuit or file complaints with government agencies, read the conditions for membership in NAIS or register here.

If you are a non-Bulgarian trader and you wish to solve a problem with a Bulgarian customer, register in the ODR platform and advise your customer to file a complaint there, then choose NAIS as your local ADR provider.

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