Trade Leaders’ Guide: NAIS Tips on Consumer Complaints - Part 1

In order to best deal with the complaints of your dissatisfied customers, read the advice of the Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution - NAIS.

Tip 1: Inform users about your complaint policy


To prevent losing customers, reporting directly to the Consumer Protection Commission (CPC) without even having the opportunity to fix the problem yourself, or initiating lawsuits by disgruntled users, you need to have a clear, well-described complaint procedure on your web site. All online retailers are required to have a description of the possibility of conducting out-of-court dispute resolution procedures with customers. It is necessary to provide links to:

  • EU ODR platform -
  • The websites of the ADR bodies, namely,, for the ADR Center of the NAIS Association and / or the reconciliation commissions of the CPC.

If you are an associate member of NAIS, you should mention this in the complaints policy and direct your customers to NAIS website,, to file complaints or seek assistance from the body in the absence of agreement. Cross-border disputes, ie those in which your client is located in another EU country, are resolved in the EU ODR platform. There you need to choose NAIS as the body to resolve each specific dispute. Of course, you can also choose one of the conciliation commissions of the CPC.

Follow the next publications from this series, dedicated to the best practices in dealing with complaints, from the section "Trade Leaders' Guide" on the NEWS page of, as well as in the profiles of NAIS on LinkedIn and Facebook. In the next publication we will look at the problems related to technical systems, process management and the delegation of rights and responsibilities, or in short, problems related to the internal organization.


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