Trade Leader’s Guide: The European Online Consumer Dispute Resolution Platform (ODR) is increasingly used by retailers and consumers

As a trader who is a leader and sets trends in customer relations management, you already know that the online center for alternative dispute resolution NAIS works not only by means its own platform, but also through the European platform - ODR.

The latter is very convenient for cross-border disputes because it has automatic translation into all languages ​​of EU Member States. This means that a consumer from another country can file a complaint against a trader from Bulgaria and vice versa. It is not necessary for either party to know the language of the other country, because the automatic translation arranges it for you. Of course, local disputes can also be considered in the ODR platform, i.e. when the consumer is from Bulgaria, as well as the trader.

Both platforms, ODR and, provide an opportunity for direct negotiations, so that the parties try to resolve their dispute directly before deciding about the intervention of an ADR body.

According to a report from 2020, the year in which UK participated for the last time in the EU ODR, the latter had 3.3 million unique visitors, which was an increase compared to 2019, when this number was 2.8 million. The largest monthly comparative increase was in April-June, when the pandemic broke out. It is largely related to the numerous canceled flights and trips. The sector with the most complaints in 2020 is Airlines. In second place is "Spare parts and accessories for vehicles" and almost as much as it is "Hotels and other holiday accommodation". Traditionally, largest volume of complaints in the ODR platform have been filed by users in Germany and Spain, respectively against traders from these two countries. In the ODR platform, half of all complaints are cross-border.

Unfortunately, 89% of complaints are closed due to the expiration of the 30-day period in which the trader must agree to participate in negotiations. 6% refused to participate in such a procedure, in 4% the complainants withdrew their complaints and only 1% reached a solution through an ADR body.

At the same time, however, in a survey among consumers who filed complaints in the platform, 20% said they had solved the problem on or off the platform, and 19% said they had continued negotiations with the trader.

This shows that direct negotiations are a good way to resolve cases with dissatisfied customers. Complaints are an indicator that shows which processes need improvement. In dialogue with the consumers you can understand where the weaknesses and strengths of the company are.

More information and statistics about the ODR platform can be found here.

In order not to miss the opportunity for this valuable exchange of information, NAIS advises you to create a completely free of charge account as a trader in the platform for online consumer dispute resolution,, to be able to negotiate directly with your dissatisfied customers. Contact us to discuss options for testing this method for free to see its benefits.

If you are already registered as a trader in the European ODR platform and you need to involve an ADR body there to facilitate the negotiations, you can always choose NAIS ADR Center.


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