Trade Leaders’ Guide: The ODR platform and its options for traders

Did you know that in the online platform of the European Union, better known as the ODR platform, complaints can be filed against consumers?

If you are a tarder based in the EU or Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, you can file a complaint against a consumer based in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg or Poland. This could happen in the EU's ODR platform. However, this does not apply to all cases. Still only cases related to online purchases and sales are resolved on this platform.

Imagine you have an online store in Poland. You have a consumer who constantly orders goods from you, you generate costs to ship them to his country, but he does not show up to receive them. You have the opportunity to file a complaint against him and try to resolve your dispute on the platform, with the assistance of an alternative dispute resolution body - ADR.

To start such a procedure, you must first register on the platform.

The other thing you can do through the ODR platform is to choose to conduct the negotiations directly with the user in the form of a chat, just like in the online platform of NAIS

The difference is that you cannot go from direct negotiations straight to an ADR procedure as it is easily made in platform with the simple push of a button. The only option is to terminate the negotiations and then, from the PROJECTS button, request that the case be considered by an ADR body.

You can read more about the mechanism for filing complaints through the NAIS ADR Center on the website, and in the News you will find interesting information in our section "Guide for Trade Leaders".

Follow the next publications from this series, dedicated to the best practices in dealing with complaints, from the section "Trade Leaders' Guide" on the NEWS page of, as well as in the profiles of NAIS on LinkedIn and Facebook. In the next publication we will look at the problems related to technical systems, process management and the delegation of rights and responsibilities, or in short, problems related to the internal organization.

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