Who can register in NAIS ADR Centre?


Only Bulgarian consumers and traders can register in our online ADR platform. Only Bulgarian traders and consumers can participate in mediation procedure on NAIS online platform. Non-Bulgarian traders and consumers can address the European Union ODR platform for dispute resolution.



What is ADR?


ADR is an alternative dispute resolution. It is alternative because it is resolved out of court. We chose mediation as a form of alternative dispute resolution because it is voluntary for the parties, faster and more efficient than litigation, the parties have clarity and control over the final decision on their dispute and most importantly because mediation preserves the relationship between consumer and trader.


What is the NAIS platform?


The NAIS platform is an innovative system, the only web-based platform of its kind in Bulgaria, providing a virtual environment in which disputes between consumers and traders are resolved. Thanks to it, the ADR Centre of NAIS performs its activities with high proficiency, efficiently, quickly, easily at any time convenient for the parties, wherever they are.

Stages of development of the NAIS platform:

  • In the first stage of its development until June 2020, the NAIS platform allowed users to file complaints to Merchants-Associate Members only if they had previously negotiated with them, in communication channels developed by the merchants themselves. In the NAIS platform they could conduct a procedure for resolving a consumer dispute only if they were not satisfied with the response to the complaint or did not receive one. The terms of a possible agreement reached in resolving the dispute were introduced into the platform and it generated an agreement with which the parties agree.
  • After June 2020, it is now possible for consumers to file complaints to traders not only in their communication channels, but also in the online platform of NAIS. The trader can choose whether to negotiate directly with the consumer in a specially designed new module in our system or to choose an alternative dispute resolution with the help of a mediator. In the event that the parties cannot reach a mutually beneficial agreement on their own, at any time, either of them may request assisted negotiations through a mediator. In this way, we believe that customers will be encouraged to share the reasons for their dissatisfaction, and companies will receive maximum feedback from them to have a chance to meet their needs and keep them as customers.


Which companies are associat members of the NAIS? 


A full list of associated members can be found in the Associate Members page.


What is the deadline for direct negotiations between consumers and traders?


The maximum period for direct negotiation is 30 days from the approval of the complaint as admissible.


What is the term for conducting mediation?


The maximum term for its holding is 90 days from obtaining the consent of both parties in the NAIS platform.


How are the mediators selected in NAIS ADR Centre?


We select our mediators according to a specially developed list of criteria. In addition, our mediators agree with the NAIS Code of Ethics for conducting ADR.


How to file a complaint to the NAIS ADR Centre?


You must first register on the NAIS platform. Then, when you press the SUBMIT COMPLAINT button, a screen opens in which you fill in basic information about your request.  You must agree to the Terms and Conditions to finalize your complaint.

Non-Bulgarian consumers must submit their complaint to the ODR platform of EU.


How much does it cost to resolve the dispute?


Filing complaints and resolving disputes, whether through direct negotiations or mediation, is completely free for consumers. The services of the ADR Centre for all disputes are paid by the traders.


We could not reach an agreement with the trader and the ADR procedure was terminated. What are my options from now on?


If you are a Bulgarian consumer, you can also get additional consultation on your dispute at the Bulgarian National Association of Active Consumers.


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