ADR means alternative dispute resolution, i.e. the dispute is resolved out of court. ADR is the most modern, effective and efficient way to resolve a dispute between a commercial company and a dissatisfied consumer.

The heart of our ADR procedure is mediation. We chose it as a way to alternatively resolve disputes between traders and consumers because of its 4 main advantages: equality, clarity and control over the process, speed and efficiency, voluntariness.NAIS offers the latest generation, web-based Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), which is done entirely online without requiring the physical presence of the parties. Communication is easy and convenient, at a time when it is possible for each of the participants through messages in the form of a chat in a shared screen and e-mail notifications.





Mediation guarantees equality between consumers and traders during the procedure. The consumer and the trader discuss with the help of a mediator the possible solutions to the problem. 

The mediator is neutral - he does not give solutions, advice and/or assessments on the dispute. It facilitates negotiations between the parties as an independent assistant.





In the absence of consent in the mediation process, each party has the right to terminate the procedure without legal consequences. In this way, the consumer and the trader have at all times transparancy and control over the final decision that they will have to implement and in no way can they be surprised by an unacceptable but binding decision.




Mediation is faster and more cost-effective for both traders and consumers:


  • saves fees and costs for court proceedings;
  • saves travel costs when the parties are located in different parts of the country;
  • it is free of charge for consumers;
  • saves time for resolving the dispute compared to court proceedings and compared to other forms of ADR that require the physical presence of the parties at the same time;
  • reduces losses from prolonged unresolved disputes.




The agreement reached through mediation is based on free will for the consumer and the trader. This is a win-win formula for resolving disputes. The two sides discuss the possibilities for reaching a solution and agree with it. Unlike court proceedings, mediation:


  • Gives the opportunity to achieve a mutually beneficial solution,
  • Preserves the relationship between consumer and trader,
  • Favours the continuation of their partnership and
  • Strengthens trust between them.