WHAT'S NEW: NAIS with an upgraded website and online platform News from NAIS R&D Lab

In the publication News from NAIS R&D Lab we opened the door for the news on our website and online platform.

Now we have the pleasure to present you the finished product.

This renovation was made possible by the co-financing of the European Commission, the Executive Agency for Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food (CHAFEA), under the Consumer Program 2014-2020.


We hope that the new organization of menus, edited texts, more links, new buttons for quick access to the most important pages and screens will significantly improve the user experience with our site.

For non-Bulgarian speakers we made an English version of the site.

In addition to the good outlook of the desktop version, our partners from Studio Kipo made sure we look fine on a mobile device too.

From July 2020, every trader who wants to handle complaints by his customers in our platform and resolve disputes with them online, can register himself in a specially created screen by our IT master - Nasko Marinov.


The updated electronic complaint form greatly facilitates consumers with its new organization of the separate sectors in it and newly created drop-down menus.


An extremely important benefit is the option for the applicants to register a new trader who is not yet registered with us and to file a complaint against him.


In this way we expand the range of opportunities to submit a complaint to a company that is not yet an associate member of NAIS.

We believe that in this way dissatisfied customers give traders a second chance to seek together a solution to a conflict over a problem with their product or service.

For all users who struggle to identify the complaint submission path on the communication channels of a trader, with us they can do it quickly and easily. Our system will automatically send the complaint to the email address of the company, provided by the customer. When the firm receives it, they will be able to immediately communicate with his client in the new module for direct negotiations in our online platform.


In case the parties are unable to arrive to an agreement, either of them may request, fast and easy by pressing the START MEDIATION button, the participation of a third, independent and neutral person- mediator, to help them solve the dispute between them. About mediation as a procedure, you can read here.

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