In the publication Novelties in NAIS during 2020 we told about the upgrade of our online dispute resolution platform. As of July 2020, consumers and traders will be able to participate not only mediation procedures, but also in direct negotiations on complaints.

This means that consumers will be able to file their complaints not only in the communication channels of the traders, but also on our platform, where they will be able to have direct negotiations with each other in the form of chat. This gives both parties a chance to negotiate directly and only if needed, to request the participation of a mediator who will assist them in finding a mutually beneficial solution.

We open the door to our development lab and show you what the new vision of the site will look like. Our friends from Studio Kipo, Niki and Nasko, work tirelessly and create amenities for our users.

One of the innovations that benefits traders is that they can now register themselves on our platform. This is done by the REGISTRATION button.




Since July 2020, any trader who wants to handle its customers’ complaints on our platform and resolve disputes with them online can register themselves in a specially created by Nasko interface.


The complainants may also register from the same screen.

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