NAIS ACADEMY: Who is the other lecturer in the first webinar at NAIS Academy?

Attention: The webinar, described below is held in Bulgarian language and is based on the Bulgarian legislation.

We would like to introduce you to our lecturers at NAIS Academy, about which we told you in the publication NAIS FOUNDED NAIS ACADEMY - A VIRTUAL SCHOOL FOR GOOD COMMERCIAL AND CONSUMER PRACTICES.

We have already mentioned that our trainers are leading experts in the field of consumer and commercial law.

The first speaker at the "Guarantees and Complaints" webinar, which we introduced to you, was attorney-at-law Ognyan Varadinov.

It is time to introduce you to our second lecturer - Ignat Arsenov. Mr. Arsenov is the General Director of the General Directorate "Market Control" in the Consumer Protection Commission. He has a master's degree in law from Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski ”.

He has been involved in consumer protection for more than 21 years - first as a specialist in the legal department of the Consumer Protection Commission, then as a lawyer specializing in consumer law and director of the European Consumer Center Bulgaria. His work includes organization and control of activities in the collection of evidence, their analysis in case of suspicion of unfair commercial practices; the activities in analyzing the contracts with general conditions offered to consumers; proposing to the Commission guidelines or recommendations in relation to specific clauses in contracts with general conditions or in contracts used in certain branches or sectors of activity; organizes the activity of the conciliation commissions under the Minister of Economy for alternative settlement of consumer disputes.

He is a trainer in the "capacity building program among those working in the field of consumer protection", which is implemented by BEUK. He is also a trainer in a specialized course for mediation in consumer disputes, which is implemented by PAMB.

Ignat will present you various cases from the practice of the CPC in connection with complaints about guarantees and consumer complaints. To be able to ask him personal questions, sign up here for our webinar.

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Of course, NAIS continues to be available to all of you with its online platform for resolving disputes between consumers and traders.

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